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1. Social Media

Imagine yourself on a stage surrounded by millions of people at any given time, but there are thousands of stages just like yours vying for the attention of the masses. How do you earn the crowd’s attention? That’s social media marketing in a nutshell – Constantly competing for the attention of your audience.

It takes nuance to get a social media campaign just right, but you’ll have to master it if you intend on staying competitive. For B2B marketing, Instagram and LinkedIn are the primary social media platforms to target. However, old warhorses like Facebook and Twitter still have plenty of value to offer.

Here are a few tips on the type of content you should post for a B2B focused social media page:

  • Testimonials
  • Industry news
  • Educational material from your company (links to your blog)
  • Solutions to pain points
  • Relevant curated content for social media that provides value

It’s also important to consider advertising through social media to supplement your organic reach. Now take a look at this example of a digital marketing campaign that leverages social media.

Huawei Showcases its Mastery Over Twitter

Huawei, the world’s largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, showcases what it means to provide value with nearly every post on its Twitter page. Huawei offers endless resources on technology trends and quotes from leaders in the industry.

From its Twitter page alone, it’s easy to see that Huawei stands out from its competition with its consistent flow of relevant and highly informative content.

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2. PPC Campaigns

Your marketing budget should always include room for a healthy PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign. No digital media campaign would be complete without one, and with the right targeting and the right budget, you can get fantastic results. After years of providing PPC in Houston, we’ve identified the following insights.

Many digital ad campaigns nowadays provide top tier segmentation, allowing you to accurately reach your target audience with pinpoint accuracy. Google Ads and Facebook are prime examples of advertising platforms that excel due to in-depth segmentation features.

Another benefit of PPC is that you’ll have access to analytics, which will enable you to see what works in your digital advertising campaigns and what doesn’t. When utilized correctly, a PPC campaign can be one of the most effective tools in your kit for raising brand awareness and getting leads for your business.

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Porsche Automates Every Aspect of its Facebook Ad

Porsche shows everyone how it’s done with this fully automated PPC optimized ad.

Porche’s ad is completely interactive, featuring a carousel feature and chatbot. For your own B2B digital marketing endeavors, remember that customer interaction is key to drawing attention and holding interest.

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3. Podcasts

While video ads are popular with many marketers for their visual appeal, you’ll find that podcasts can be just as attractive, especially in the B2B world. For the past few years, podcasts have been exploding in popularity.

CEOs and business owners often find podcasts to be useful because they can be consumed while multitasking. For example, you can listen to a podcast while commuting to work or eating lunch.

That makes podcasting a prime target for B2B digital marketing. Guest starring on the best business podcasts in your industry or paying for an advertising spot are great ways to approach this strategy.

Learning Podcast Marketing from the Masters

The podcast Good Copy, Bad Copy: the B2B Copywriting Podcast has a highly informative blog post highlighting everything they’ve learned about podcasting for B2B audiences. While much of the post discusses the do’s and don’ts of podcasting, you’ll get a unique perspective of what it means to incorporate a podcast into your B2B digital marketing campaign.

4. Advocate Marketing

Likely one of the most effective types of digital marketing campaigns you can employ, advocate marketing involves leveraging your existing networks to generate new leads. Advocate marketing is effective because people are more likely to listen to people they trust.

If, for example, your business partner suggests a specific product to improve your digital marketing, you’ll be more inclined to give the service a try.

Docu-Sign Uses Advocate Marketing to Influence Millions in its Pipeline

Docu-Sign implements advocate marketing beautifully by using advocate marketing software platform Influitive to influence more than $3 million in their pipeline. Moral of the story is never to underestimate the power of advocacy – it could generate your business millions.

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