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Former US President George HW Bush rushed to hospital

Former US President George HW Bush rushed to hospital

Texas – Former President of the United States (US) George HW Bush was rushed to a hospital in Houston, Texas. Not further described the cause of Bush senior in the hospital.

But Bush told the head of the office staff, Jean Becker, as reported by Reuters on Wednesday (18/01/2017), senior Bush who is now 92 years old in a stable condition in hospital. Becker said the senior Bush will be coming home in the next few days.

“Fine,” said Becker about the condition of the father of former US President 43, George W. Bush, or so-called Bush junior.

George HW Bush in the photo 2012George HW Bush in the photo in 2012 Photo: REUTERS / Donna Carson / File Photo

Bush family spokesman Jim McGrath could not be reached for comment. The hospital where Bush was treated also not available for comment.

In recent years, senior Bush always use a wheelchair. In 2014, he was twice admitted to hospital, the first due to pneumonia (pneumonia) to treated for 7 weeks and the second because of respiratory problems.

In July 2015, senior Bush suffered a fractured neck after agen sbobet resmi fall at his home in Maine.

George HW Bush in the photo 2008George HW Bush in the photo in 2008 Photo: REUTERS / Rick Wilking / File Photo

Since entering the age of 90-years, a senior Bush began rarely appeared in public. In October 2015, Bush senior in a wheelchair and wearing a neck brace, throwing the first ball in a baseball game between the Houston Astros with the Kansas City Royals.

In 2016, senior Bush attended the 75th anniversary the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, which was held at Texas A & M University.

Bush senior was the 41st US president served 1989-1993. Earlier, Bush senior was Vice President for two terms with President Ronald Reagan, who served from 1981 to 1989 year.

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