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Great Question for the 6 Premier League Premier League Season 2017-18

Great Question for the 6 Premier League Premier League Season 2017-18

Premier League 2017-2018 season rolled out one more month. With the transfer market still in progress and new pre-season begins, there is a big question for top English clubs.

Chelsea: Will Conte get the player he wants?

Slow in the transfer market backfired to Chelsea, Manchester United managed to overtake them in the hunt Romelu Lukaku. Antonio Conte’s main target to replace Diego Costa failed to come in, and now they have to re-evaluate options for the Spanish striker’s replacement. But there is a bigger problem.

The new Blues bring Willy Cabalerro and Antonio Rudiger, but Conte needs more than that. They are now in discussions with Monaco about Tiemoue Bakayoko, but rumors that emerged again Manchester United come bother.

Tottenham: Will Kyle Walker leave?

Kyle Walker Tottenham Hotspur

This summer Tottenham transfer activity is quiet, the only question that comes from them now is where Kyle Walker will play this season. Manchester City want to recruit the right-back England team and ready to double the price and salary.

Although City have money, Walker has a long contract with Spurs and the club is not in a hurry to sell anyone. Plus, chairman Daniel Levy is a formidable negotiator. This transfer will run fierce.

Liverpool: Can they be competitive in both England and Europe?

Panic Buying In Liverpool

When in the top of his performance, Liverpool can beat anyone. It was proven last season because Jurgen Klopp made the best record against the top six Premier League teams. Their start is extraordinary and is considered a title contender until injury finally makes it difficult for them because the reserve players are not enough.

Even so they managed to finish in the top four which means they have to play in the third Champions League play-offs. Although it is very potential to play in the Champions League, but until recently new Liverpool to bring Mohamed Salah. Klopp still need to add some more players to be competitive both in Europe and England.

Guardiola incar four defenders

If Manchester City gets all their main targets this summer, their squad will be strong and qualified. Currently Guardiola front line is filled Sergio Aguero, Gabriel Jesus, Leroy Sane and Raheem Sterling. He still wants to add Alexis Sanchez. Behind him are Bernardo Silva, David Silva, Kevin De Bruyne, Ilkay Gundogan, Yaya Toure and Fernandinho.

Skuat Gaurdiola is deep enough to compete in the Champions League and Premier League, but these great players certainly do not want to stay long on the bench. There is the possibility of events last season repeated when Gabriel Jesus took the position of Sergio Aguero and their dressing room was not harmonious.

Arsenal: Alexis Sanchez survive or leave?

Salary Alexis Sanchez Arsenal

Transfer activity Arsenal started well, they bring Alexandre Lacazette. But the real success of the Gunners is to maintain Alexis Sanchez. The Chilean star has yet to sign a new contract, so they are faced with two options, defending or relinquishing it. If the contract is currently forwarded, then they can lose Sanchez for free in the summer of next year.

If Arsenal are seriously challenging the 2017-18 season title then maintaining Sanchez is very important. So did Mesut Ozil. For this one Arsenal need not worry too much, because the former Real Madrid midfielder was somewhat minimal enthusiasts, losing far with Sanchez.

Manchester United: Is Lukaku the right person?

Romelu Lukaku

Mourinho put great confidence in Romelu Lukaku’s self to be their goal machine. United scored only 54 goals from 38 games last season, even with the slick appearance of Zlatan Ibrahimovic who is no longer young. Now Ibra is gone, Mourinho certainly hope Lukaku can double Ibra’s record.

This is an important step of Lukaku in his career. Scoring in the Premier League and playing only in England alone is common to him, but what if he plays two intense competitions, the Premier League and the Champions League? There is a risk of bringing Lukaku, because he has never played in the highest competition between European clubs. Should be more glowing Lukaku because he admitted really want to play in that competition. Interesting awaited proof of the Belgian bomber. (Source:

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