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Jose Mourinho Beware of Basel

Jose Mourinho Beware of Basel

Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho is wary of his opponent’s move, FC Basel Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

Late Wednesday, United will face the Swiss giants in the inaugural match of the European Champions League group stage phase.

Responding to the match, Mou Basel rate is a dangerous team, which is able to make a surprise, in addition he also instructed the team to be victorious because of appearing at Old Trafford later.

In an interview, Mou said “Our opponent is Basel. Of course they are a tough team. ”

“We will not underestimate them. They must be able to surprise the match, ”

“Basel is a great club. For that I want United to be able to win. ”

“There are still a few more days to improve mentally. And I hope United are ready from any angle. “

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