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Klopp: I’m Satisfied With The Appearance Of Liverpool Kontra Palace

Klopp: I’m Satisfied With The Appearance Of Liverpool Kontra Palace

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp has stated that he is very satisfied with the performance and results against Crystal Palace on Wednesday at the Premier League Asia Trophy Bandar Bola.

Where the match took place in Hong Kong stadium, the Reds managed 2-0 win over foster children Frank de Boer and two goals each scored by Dominic Solanke and Divock Origi.

That way, then the Merseyside club will advance to the final party which has been awaited by Leicester City at the weekend.

Although his team won, but Jurgen admitted that beating the South London club was not easy. Even the tactical interpreter praised the performances of Andros Townsend, Wilfred Zaha and also Christian Benteke which is really troublesome foster children throughout the game.

“I have to say that it is a good performance,” Jurgen Klopp told the media.

“This is the most difficult situation for both teams because it’s like a hard workout. Pre-season, we have to train hard.

“It’s hot here and we played today and both teams played good football in the first half, especially individuals from Crystal Palace like Andros Townsend, Zaha and Benteke. I think it is really difficult but we are able to survive well.

“We play good football as a team, with bait and also good movement and running from behind well.

“We have to be patient with speed, but we come from behind, where there is space opened. But not scoring goals.

“That’s how football is, so in the second half we try to keep on doing it until it happens and make many changes. And then we scored a very good goal from Dominic.

“It was an individual but sort of was already playing with one individual performance. While the second goal of the team game, where we are in the penalty box with so many players and then we can finish the situation. Which is really very good. “

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