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Lilipaly Proud of U-19 national team appearance

Lilipaly Proud of U-19 national team appearance

The Bali United midfielder, Stefano Lilipaly, gave an appreciation regarding the victory achieved by Indonesia national team U-19 over Myanmar on Tuesday (5/9/2017). Through his personal Instagram account @ stefanolilipaly, he uploaded a photo of Egy Maulana Vikri et al when celebrating a goal against Myanmar on the game.

The player who is the pillar of Indonesia national team in AFF Cup 2016 it expressed his pride by writing, “Proud.”

Indra Sjafri’s squad game game on the inaugural match of Group B was a success to steal the attention of the Indonesian soccer public, especially in the second half. Egy Maulana Vikri et al mastered the game and successfully created several chances and scored two goals to turn things around.

With a narrow 2-1 victory over Myanmar, Indonesia U-19 national team is entitled to occupy the top position of Group B standings. This result is a slick capital for Garuda Nusantara which in the second match will face the Philippines on Thursday (7/9/2017), which is now occupying the base of the standings.

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