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Nathaniel Clyne Potentially Lost a Place at Liverpool Core Team

Nathaniel Clyne Potentially Lost a Place at Liverpool Core Team

Nathaniel Clyne should be alert as Trent Alexander-Arnold is ready to take his place at Liverpool’s core team, according to former Liverpool Under-23 coach Michael Beale Agen Sbobet.

Beale is a former Liverpool coach reserves, and he was the first to discover the talents of Alexander-Arnold.

Meanwhile, Alexander-Arnold himself made his debut with Liverpool under Jurgen Klopp last season at senior level. Counted he played 12 parties with the Reds in all competitions, including seven of them in the Premier League.

Trent Alexander-Arnold immediately stole the attention of Liverpool supporters.
The 18-year-old defender quickly made many Liverpool supporters impressed with his performance. Even the praise was posted by a number of football punduit that Arnold ready to enter into the main team of Liverpool.

The main place in the right-back position was absolute belonging to Clyne last season. The former Southampton defender was only once absent, when Liverpool clashed with Manchester United at Old Trafford.

It was then that Arnold made a sensational appearance, by being able to keep a tight Anthony Martial throughout the game. Even Jose Mourinho as Red Devils coach, upset at Martial for not being able to face a 17-year-old defender at the time.

Reminding them, Beale warned Clyne not to relax anymore and felt secure in her position. Because at any time Arnold could steal his place and even drove it.

“He (Alexander-Arnold) continues to grow stronger and stronger,” Beale said as quoted by Liverpool Echo.

“Although this was a pre-season game, I watched the game (Arnold) and thought Clyne had to work hard again. Trent does not look like he just wants to wait anymore, he looks like confident and ready to fight now!

“I think with so many games, he will be able to compete in the first team and hope he can play more than 15 matches and it will be very interesting,”

“If you can show ability in practice sessions, and maybe get into the England team as a surprise player, then that’s very interesting.”

Alexander-Arnold became a player who has always played in Liverpool’s pre-season game so far. He has played four games, while Clyne is only two games and can not act in Hong Kong due to injury. (Source: Squawka)

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