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Spasogol Expected to Become Traw Card Bhayangkara FC Beat Perseru

Spasogol Expected to Become Traw Card Bhayangkara FC Beat Perseru

Bhayangkara FC (BFC) will attempt to seize full points when meeting Perseru Serui at Marora Stadium on Sunday (12/8) Sbobet Casino. Bhayangkara FC (BFC) coach Simon McMenemy is optimistic his team can reach full numbers.

Simon increasingly confident his team can beat host Perseru, Serui because BFC brand-new player, Ilija Spasojevic was able to play. Spaso is expected to direct the coach of Scotland directly with the game game troops The Guardian.

“We came for three points. Although the trip is exhausting but the players really enjoy. The scenery is so beautiful that we are excited to win the game later in the day, “said Simon.

“We are delighted Spaso can be played. He also can adapt quickly in the team. He is very excited to help Bhayangkara FC get the victory, “said the former coach of the Philippine national team.

Equally focused win victory

Although optimistic, but he realized that not easy to beat Serui in the cage. “A lot of big teams lose numbers. So we have to be alert and focused to the game, “he said.

Meanwhile, for Ilhamudin Armayin, said his team though difficult he tried to try to win his team. “Hopefully we can play well and win the game. Because we must still be able to compete in the top, “said Ilham.

Meanwhile, coach Serui Agus Yuwono is also not less optimistic. Said Agus, his team has prepared a special strategy when meeting Bhayangkara FC. “The strategy will be shown on the field and we are also confident to beat Bhayangkara FC,” said Agus.

Arthur Bonai representative of Serui players called his team also in the best condition and ready to win the game

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