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The Story Behind Rooney’s Special Relationship and the Everton Legend

The Story Behind Rooney’s Special Relationship and the Everton Legend

Ronald Koeman claimed to be a lot of advice from an Everton legend in the recruitment of Wayne Rooney from Manchester United.

In the second period costumed The Toffees, Rooney will wear back number 10. One reason Rooney wearing that sacred number is because he is very admiring the figure of Everton legend Duncan Ferguson.

Ferguson wore the number 10 also in his second period to defend Everton, precisely in the period 2000-2006. At that time, Ferguson became a mentor for Rooney, who began to enter the first team in 2002.

Ferguson, who has scored 63 goals in 247 games with The Toffees, was instrumental in inspiring Rooney early in his career as a professional footballer.

Now the 45-year-old Everton legend contributed to the return of Rooney to Goodison Park. He became the most diligent person and continue to press manager Ronald Koeman to restore the player nicknamed The White Pele.

“Ferguson keeps pushing me, and he assures me that Rooney will have an important role and can still compete at high level of English football. Because he really understands Rooney, I immediately move, “said Koeman.

Ferguson and Rooney have a very intimate relationship. He knew very well when young Rooney started his career and was known as a quiet player. Through the joke at the practice site, these two figures became very familiar and motivated each other.

“I remember him as he walked to the gym and he was very quiet. He kicked the ball and I still remember telling him, ‘Okay young man, I hear you are a great player.’ He looked at me with a laugh, Ferguson told the Daily Mail story. (Photo source: Daily Mail / Mirror)

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