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This recipe Persipura Tame Arema FC

Arema FC vs Persipura Jayapura

This recipe Persipura Tame Arema FC

Coach Persipura Jayapura Wanderley Junior is very happy because his team successfully stole points at home Arema FC. Tim Mutiara Hitam 2-0 win over Singo Edan team in the 15th week of League 1, Sunday (16/07/2017) Agen Bola Terpercaya.

In a match that took place at Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang, Ruben Karel Sanadi and Yan Pietr K. Nasadir became the star of Roma. Both became a two-goal scorer Persipura to host the goal Arema FC.

“We managed to show the game beautifully.This is an entertainment and exciting game,” Wanderley said after the game.

According to him, Black Pearl players appear according to their instructions. Singo Edan’s troops played quickly and accurately in positioning on the pitch.

It is recognized Wanderley as their key victory. With such a game style, Arema FC becomes helpless in front of fanatical supporters.

“All players are able to play according to the instructions I give in the field and the formation scheme in the exercise was also done well by all players,” he explained.

Not Easy Work

However, this Brazilian coach admits defeating Arema is not an easy job. Aji Santoso’s concoction squad is a top-class team with good quality players, “It’s not about losing or winning really.” The important thing is that players look good, I’m happy, “he said.

With this victory, Persipura now ranks second standings with 27 points. While Arema down to rank four with 25 points.

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